Jahan arta

Manufacturer of Micronized Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) Powder

Company History

Jahan Arta International Iranian- established in the year 2010 for the micronization and grinding of Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”). Competitive and Managerial Advantages and core competency, are the technological advantages of it’s production line, and also mining machinery in comparison to it’s similar companies and it’s benefit from the Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) Mines, in accordance to the high quality and quantity, located in the geographical region of the province. The company employs a forceful and energetic group of professionals, engineers and expert staff.

Introduction of Natural Bitumen ("Gilsonite-like")

Product Introduction

Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) is a natural hydro carbonate resin and it is founded in Lake Bonita, north east Utah USA. This natural Asphalt is similar to a hardened crude oil Asphalt. Usually the terms Asphalt, Utanite and Asphaltom are also used for this material. Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”), similar to Asphalt, is naturally soluble in Aliphatic and Aromatic solvents. Due to it is high adaptability, it is usually used for hardening watery oil derivatives and formants. Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) in nodule form is a shiny black and very much like Ebsedine, a brittle material.

In micronized powder form, it is dark brown in color. Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) is found in vertical layers under the ground surface. Due to a narrow mining façade, Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) now a days is extracted by using bulldozers, loaders, excavators and mechanical hammers and other new mechanical tools.

Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) specifications

Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-like”) consists of a class of solid bitumens known as asphalites and is distinct from other asphalites.

Benefits of using Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) in Asphalt

Our Services

 All of the improving polymer materials used for Bitumen improvement will not be required at all.

Increase in ability of tolerating load and wait

Minimum Expense/Benefits ratio of Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) in comparison to other modifiers

Reducing infused degree of temperatures of Bitumen

 Increase of softening temperatures of Bitumen

Increase of viscosity broke field of Bitumen

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