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Jahan Arta International Iranian- established in the year 2010 for the micronization and grinding of Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”). Competitive and Managerial Advantages and core competency, are the technological advantages of it’s production line, and also mining machinery in comparison to it’s similar companies and it’s benefit from the Natural Bitumen (“Gilsonite-Like”) Mines, in accordance to the high quality and quantity, located in the geographical region of the province. The company employs a forceful and energetic group of professionals, engineers and expert staff.


We mine and produce Micronized Natural Bitumen known as Gilsonite which is the trade mark of American Gilsonite in different physical and elemental specifications in accordance to the requirements of the customers and the applications they are to be used in.

Natural Bitumen(”Gilsonite-Like”) is a hydrocarbon and a organic material. It is the best humidity insulator in natural environment(in the nature). It is the best and of highest quality as well as the most cost benefit additive raw material for humidity insulation products and also in civil engineering as heat resistant’s and  insulations due to its much higher softening point. (It increases the softening point between 140 up to 250 degrees centigrade).

It looks very much like coal but much lighter and different.

Unfortunately many mix it with coal for it to gain more weight which destroys the material and final products totally. 

The most important specs when a order is to be put in place are:

1) Ash%; which is the percentage of the organic hydrocarbon to the minerals along with it. It determines its purity.

We mine, produce and sort our raw material in the Ash content given bellow:

(Less than 2%), (Less than 5%) (5-10)%, (10-15)%, (15-20)%, (20-25)%, (25-30)%. 

2)Mesh; The micronized size.

We grind and micronize in the bellow sizes:

30 up to 400 Mesh;


3)Softening Point.

Varies from 140 up to 250 degrees centigrade. For your information many clients and specially N-Users might prefer lower softening point because it gives the final product enough heat resistance as well as it takes less energy to melt and mix in the bond(specially in civil engineering products)(production costs). Many prefer 180

4)Solubility percentage.

Higher the solubility, better results and quality is gained which means it mixes better and more in the bond with other raw material therefore it covers the molecules of the other raw materials better and will be more effective.  

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